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teh box

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heres my holds a 10" L7 Kicker...sounds pretty good...still wanted the function of a seat and didnt want to move my seats any...still gotta take it out again and get it covered in grey vinyl


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Mind getting a pick from the back seat showing how you tied the upper part of the console into the box?? That is a great set up there. I suggested someone do this in another thread, just wish i could remember who it was. Surprised more people havent done this...
yeah i got the idea from the dodge forums back when i was pokin around lookin at trucks...its common over there, they call it the "hot box"....the console is still attached like factory to the jump seat bracket. i just removed the bottom seat and i cut off the two bars that run from front to back so i would have room for the box.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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