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Hey wud it dew ladies and gents. Yes, yes I am a noob to the site and have been in the scence for awhile now.(since before I ever had a truck) anywho. I own a bagged and lay'd out 2001 thaoe, yes all the way on the frame. sectioned trannymember, tubular bag mounts and crossmembers in the rear, w/ one-off uca's with bags on the upper arms and a tubular bag tower over my motor. Yes I will post some pics when I get home tonight. I am also building a 1998 nissan fronty, currently bagged and body dropped, custom balkhalf with some crazy tube work, fenders molded in to the vent tray, and some other unique things , but I just dragged off the cali combo last friday on an accident oops. pics to come, I hope you guys can entertain me here!!:head:
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