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Texas speed and performance tune.

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Anybody ever get one from them? I'm trying to decide between them and pcm4less.
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i know pcm4less sucks and idk about the other one, get a blackbear and from what ive heard very good!
Having seen both tunes, I would not recommend either.

Justin of BlackBear is the ONLY tuner that I will recommend.:read:
Yeah, cheap stuff is well... crap.
you cant go wrong with blackbear... there are a lot of people that would recomened him... he did my truck and it runs awesome..
another vote for justin!
Go with a custom dyno tune if you can.
I'll elaborate a little more on the tune I saw from TSP. A friend of a friend heard that I had EFILive and was tweaking my truck. He asked me to add a little timing to his car. I wanted to log it first, so we went for a drive and looked at it. After I quizzed him a little, I found out that the tune on the car now is one of TSP's custom dyno tunes that they send out as part of their cam packages. You buy one of their cams and they send you a pcm that is loaded with a tune they have "perfected" through dyno tuning. I realize that every motor is different, but this tune is waaaaay off. To put it simply, the car runs like crap.
BlackBear Performance FTW.

Just had mine done by Justin, and couldn't be happier. He definitely knows what he is doing, and I love the results.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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