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The CTS is here!

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One shitty cell phone pic of the steering wheel before I go wash it and get real pictures. Nothing special really, 2005 CTS with the 3.6L. Black on black leather. 38,000 miles. Picked it up for 15k, with a 3 year and 36k mile warrenty and Low Jack.

The Tahoe is going NOWHERE. Its sitting in my garage with a fucked up t-case. Still deciding what is going to be done with it. It WILL have some big changes.

I just ripped off all sorts of faggotry chrome Autozone stuff the dealer stuck on it. B piller trim and fender vents. Luckily its actually hot and sunny today so they came off no problem.

Deal with this one pic for now bitches :pirate:

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baggin it on 20s?

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