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Hey guys and gals;

The names Dustin, and I'm 20 years old. I work at a company called Greiner Industries up here in PA. I work just about everyday, and 12 hours a day, (hard works good for yah)! I just bought my first car, truck in this case from my brother; a 1992 k1500, or Silverado 4.3L, TBI 5 speed manual, 2WD (all stock).

Right now I'm in the process of swapping out the 4.3 and putting a 350 small block in. Eventually I would like to see a 383 but I haven't fully decided (kinda what brings me here).

What I would like to see on the final outcome would not just be a fast ass truck, but one that has style to it as well.

I'll get more into the deeds in another topic.

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