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Haven't seen much on here with a 265/40/22, mainly 265/35/22. What are your thoughts on the 265/40 with a 4/6 on 22" snowflakes, 31mm offset. Want to try to squeeze out as much compliance that I can....

I had 40s when I first dropped my truck lower.
I had 2" spindles up front, stock springs.
Hanger/Shackle in the rear.

When I went lower I put a 3" V6 lowering spring, and flipped my UCAs
The rear got a flip and 1" lift shackles.

On turns, my 40s were hitting my front fenders, as well as the rears.
With the 35s they dont hit the sides of the fenders, just the stock tubs up front.
Takes a bit of a bump, but they hit. The fart near the front and it'd hit.

But to me...the 40s rode a billion times better and looked better too.
14581 - 14582 of 14582 Posts