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The Truck Has Gone Under The Knife!

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In Jason's words "The Truck Has Gone Under The Knife!"

To keep this thread cleaner, I will post all updates on my progress of rebuilding the dana 60 and getting parts in my "SFA Update thread". This thread will track my progress of the actual work on the truck, from start to end. I have a feeling this will be a VERY long thread.

I started to work on the actual truck for the SFA today. I removed the procomp trac bars, the bumper, the entire parkign brake assembly, the shocks, tailgate, CB crap, and all my bed utilities. Im doing this so my girlfriend (Kailyn) can start cleaning off the frame while Im out of town. Tomarow the bed will be comming off along with any other non-essential items to driving and we will start to clean the frame.

Parts removed....

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Josh said:
your making your chick work on your truck while you are out of town? :nono: :D
Ya know Im VERY lucky, I didnt even ask, she volunteered. She worked with me yesterday also, removing parts while I installed u joints into my axle shafts. Once I get the bed off today she said she would start on cleaning the frame. Damn GM for putting that undercoating shit on!

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Looking forward to reading about the progress and seeing the end result. Heck of a job in it's own right.
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