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The Truck I ALMOST Bought :-(

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- '98 GMC
- 15" of lift
- 40x16.5R16.5 MT Belted's
- 16.5x14 Welds
- D60 up front
- 14 Bolt rear
- New engine & tranny
- Everything powdercoated
- Tons of extras, top-notch work on everything
- $9,500

I even put a down payment on it and drove it home last night. But I just couldn't do it, having two trucks and a car already etc, so I drove it back to the owner today. Oh well, can't say I didn't try...

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minus the stupid looking tires that looks sweet and a good price
man... thats a hell of a price... couple of changes and it'd be perfect.
For 9,500 damn that sux, you shouldve got it, or atleast told him 9gs
Nice truck, minus the mudflaps:imo:
thats a big bitch!....good lookin truck though, is very clean form what i can tell..woulda been a nice purchase
thats too seems to be a nice setup
That thing is ridiculous. I wouldn't of hesitated and I would of boughten that! Thats a wicked deal.
the mudflaps were removable. They were totally custom and you could take off and put them back on in 5 sec - a huge upgrade in and of itself, because around here you'd last about 0.0001 seconds with cops the way they are.
go back and buy it
clem nick said go back and buy that shit or i might! thats an awesome price and a sweet looking truck. I'd snatch that, sell off the mickeys and welds, buy cool dudes wheels/tires and wow......fucking gorgeous
I agree! Go back and get it, Clem. That thing is so sick minus the flaps and mickeys. I would definitely be all over that if I was in Cali. DO IT!
damn i want that size
Dam good truck for the price from what I can see
damn what a price! go get it!

sell those wheels and tires for something nice and hot damn you got a nice ride
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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