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There went the optima...

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1 year, 4 months old and my optima red top is a goner. Measures 5.8 volts. Oh well, its nice to have a bunch of other batteries just laying around, and its got a 3 year free replacement guarantee on I'll get a new one when I get home.. I'm just disappointed that it didn't last longer. I do have my suspicions that I got a dud though, its never been full voltage.
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yellow top 3.5 yrs old...still strong when I traded the beast in. (Avalanche)

yellow top 2.5 yrs old... still strong and usually sits for weeks without starting (corvette)

yellow top 2 yrs old.... still perfect powering over 4,000 watts of amps and a 15 Farad Cap + misc. off-road lighting when I traded it in (Hummer)

The only other deep cycle batteries that I have found to be better are odyssey batteries and Trojan batteries.


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i had a red top when costco 1st started to sell them,

the red top died on me after 3 months

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Ya... screw red and blue Optimas.... the Yellow top is the only way to go.
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