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This Mirror problem is turning into a nightmare..

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As most of you know i have the extending towing mirrors on my 03 silverado, the "accordian" looking ones...dont get me wrong they're nice but they really throw the whole show truck things im building..

My question is...I want to get those Stylin/Street Scene - Cal Vu Mirros...the Electric/Heated ones....will they fit my truck? When i brought this truck they had the mirros on them already...
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the half ton truck ones fit so if you get the one that fit an 03 up chevy they should be plug and play
i hope so, i guess we'll find out.
If you're going to throw out your old mirrors, I'll take them :D.

I don't believe there is any difference between the HD's and half-tons. I had one of my HD mirrors off this past weekend (both mirrors are broken, so I was trying to fix at least one :( ) and the mounts look identical to the half-tons.

Yeah, the mounts should be the same between the HD's and half-tons since they didn't change anything on the doors between the two. Are those accordians heated? That's about the only issue I can think of that you should have to deal with.

they should be heated the mirrors are all the same mount wise

heat will work even if yours are not

power folders are the only ones that cause problems
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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