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Those of you looking for lockers/limited slips

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This guy on ebay is the cheapest ive seen and beats every other place ive seen by at least 50 bucks

He has the true trac for 379 also:bowtie:
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I'm going to hit him up this summer, 10 bolt glory. :high5:
i bought my 10 bolt detroit at a local offroad shop and it was like 515~525, shop around many local offroad shops can give good prices.
515 rly how do you like it i plan on getting a full detroit

hovey what gears/locker you gonna go with
after a blown axle shaft in the detroit and chunks of metal being removed from the locker, it is blown up and acts more as a decent posi traction at best. It clicks and ratchets and bangs around. If i had to do it again i would would have replaced my blown G80 with an open carrier and spend my cash on a 14b FF with 6 lug hubs.
I guess yall havnt looked at our prices :D
I guess yall havnt looked at our prices :D
I looked on your site but couldnt find em I guess ill have to give you a call,:shake:

I need 4.56s and a full detroit
I guess yall havnt looked at our prices :D
I'll be calling you in the next few days to get a quote for a Lockright for my front 10 bolt :imo
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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