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Those of you who have the BIG 3 installen

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Hey just wondering how is it working out, have you had any problems, i am going to do mine tomorrow, with 0/1 welding wire, but i wanted some feed back on those of you who have already installed the BIG 3, Thanks:shake:
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you havent had any problems with it, did you fuss the battery to the alt cable
i have been searching for pics for a obs big 3 upgrade if any body has please post up pics, or where can i see them, Thanks
Yes it makes a difference and yes fuse the wire between alt and battery. Why risk it?
Yeah did it last week it cost me $5.75 for the terminals and the rest was 4ga and a fuse holder i had laying around works great! With A/c on, lights on, and radio turned up even on heavy bass notes wouldn't drop below 14 volts so I would say go for it!-Paul
my lights dim a lot on heavy bass, so i am going to try it out tomorrow, any pics on obs big 3
how do you do this big 3? my sub drains my battery and im sure my lights dim also
You upgrade the alt to battery positive, battery negative to frame, and engine block neg to frame. What ever you do don't cut out your original wiring just add to it with bigger. I suggest 1/0. Also some people do there cab ground to frame ground. I have just started hearing about this one and havn't looked into it to know if it does anything or where its even located.
i did big three and the cab to frame one with 0 ga;)
yeah, the more connections the better! I did a Ford truck the other day, the dash had almost zero ground potential so I ran a 8ga from the kick to the metal of the dash

and yes it works! I actually got better gas mileage on my 93, never tested with the 04 as I did the upgrade 2 days after I got it
any pics guys?
I should be doing this in the next few days if my 0 gauge comes in. I'll take some pics while I"m doing it.
so you just replace the alt to batt/grounds with a bigger gauge wire?
No, don't replace...just add to. You will have the factory wiring plus the Big 3
so what all are the positives of doing this and wha size fuse should you run between the alt and battery.
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