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Those personal 1/4 mile clockers

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Has anyone ever seen one or used one of those 1/4 mile clockers? I just found out about them a week ago. I guess they hook up to your computer and will show you your 0-60 time, your 1/4 mile time and at what speed. They look cool (I saw one in a vid clip) anyone know anything about them?
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Are you referring to the G-tech and the G-tech pros? I have no idea how they work, but here is there website and i'm sure that will shed some light on the topic
All you do with the G-TECH pro is plug it into your cig lighter, set the vehicle weight and stick in on your windsheild with the supplied suction have to make sure it's level, then the accelerometer inside measures 1/4, G forces, 0-60 etc...

It's pretty sweet, you need to do two or three pass's to get an accurate reading but on a deserted highway my buddy and I used the highway markers and it was DAMN close to 1/4 when it stopped timing.
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