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Throw me some Ideas!

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Hey guys! After I sell my little rice car I should have somewhere around 2300$ to drop into my truck and I wanted to come to ya all first before I throw the money away. Please list some external/internal (or performance for that matter) mods I should do to my all stock White 01 Chevy Norm Cab Stepside Silverado. Keeping the price limit in mind of course. What things will make my truck noticeably different and give it that customized look? I know the most obvious is the wheels which are going to take a big chunk out of that 2300 but list some other things disregarding the wheels for now.
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if your thinking of staying stock for awhile, get some djm or belltech 2" drop shackles for the rear. i got mine for 40 bucks out the door

It should level out the stock "raked" look, and then you can use them later on to level whatever drop you get.

As far as the C-notch goes, don't be a puss... cut the frame(just don't cut where you don't want to) and then bolt the notch in...... your frame will be stronger than it was stock if you do it right.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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