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Time to make some noise!

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Time to make some noise. The Electric Exhaust cutout was delivered today :head:

I cant wait to get this thing put on. I have drilled/mounted the switch, ran the wire from the switch to the place where the cutout will be. Only thing left it to wire it for electricity (dont know how I will do that yet).
It says wire it to a Switched 12V source so the battery is not drained when the truck is off. Where should I get the power from?
And get longer bolts for the cutout b/c they are not long enough to attach the flange of a Dump pipe.
Also there is a part in the directions about the switch... "Install switch in the hole you just drilled. Position the switch so that the keyway should point to the rear of the truck or facing down."
:think: What? What is the "keyway" and why does it have to face down or to the rear? If the keyway is the wire end of the switch I have it facing to the motor and the switch facing the rear. But I do not know why this would matter. Any ideas?

How do I remove the 3 bolts that are there now (the ones the wing-nuts are attached to) ? I want to get some that are about a half inch longer. But the ones that are there are welded on at the top of the bolt.
Should I just take the head of the bolt off with a grinder and beat the rest out with a hammer? Guess that is the only way hugh?

When it is put on I am having my exhaust re-done from the cutout back.
I will be keeping the same 40Delta Flowmaster but I am having the pipes ran differantly b/c after the lift the exhaust comes real close to some brakelines. And the bends are not the best. So it will all be custom bent with plenty of room this time.

When it all comes back I am going to coat all the exhaust with Black High Temp Grill paint to keep it from rusting and just for the heck of it:anitoof:
Will look better than just regular pipe IMO.

Hows that sound?
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