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Tint completed on '92 - a/c repair is next

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Well, I'm new to this forum, but thought I'd post some updates for my '92 Silverado. Got the windows tinted yesterday. 30% all around. Ocean Audio in VA Beach does a great job. I've been battling my a/c for about 3 weeks now. Had the low pressure switch replaced and then the contacts cleaned two days ago. Well, as most of you know, when you get tint you can't open the windows for a couple of days. Well guess what quit working on the way to the tint shop. It was 91 degrees yesterday and I got stuck in traffic at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. Gonna get the a/c control replaced tomorrow and hopefully I can go on with my planned mods. Wheels are next - I have some rally wheels from a Suburban that I had powdercoated. Now, I'm trying to find a spinner (corvette) center to match up. Any recommendations? Here are some pics....

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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