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So I have gotten pulled over by the same guy twice in the last 2 days for my tint. This is the third time the same guy has got me. He given me two tickets and my brother one. Says from now on every time he sees me I'm getting pulled over and given a ticket. I see him all the time...Now I have to get my tint stripped and brought back to the legal limit of 50%. Does anyone have any pictures of their trucks with 50% preferably on a white one? I know it's going to look bad, but he will get me every time...funny thing is I have my tails blacked out he checked them out and didn't say a word about them...Thanks
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Wow. Just kill him somehow and get away with it. What a cock bag. Sounds like the cops in your Minnesota town have nothing better to do. Pathetic. Here in Memphis, tint is the last thing they're concerned with.
Yea you got that right that it's a joke. Minding my own business and he pulls me over, one of the times I was pulling out of a side street he was heading by on the busy road pulls off on the shoulder and waits for me to pull onto the highway just to pull me over for the tint.
Man, now that is ridiculous. What sucks is there is just absolutely no way you can have the tint you want. Even if it were legal to have 5% tint he would probably still give you trouble. Sounds like he has something personal against you, has a poor opinion of you, or suspects you of something. Sucks. Maybe try to consult your lawyer about it if he harasses you at all but other than that basically nothing you can do. Nothing makes me more angry than a pathetic person who's on a little power trip and uses it to abuse. Well, thieves make me more angry but power tripping cops are a close second.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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