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tint question (matching factory)

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what i am i going ot have to get so my front doors on my truck will match the factory ex cab and back window
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I had 15% put on my front windows and it matched the rear tint very well. Unfortunately, it looks weird from the inside of the truck as the rear windows look lighter than the fronts when looking out of them since the factory tinted glass is very easy to see out of. I now have 15% all around and I'm very happy.
15-20% will match
15-20% is the way to go.
Go with limo.. 5% all the way around. Looks sick and best part about it, no one can see in. The tickets blow though. I got one in Bryan, Texas and the damn thing was for $183. I went and printed an invoice off at work saying that I paid to have it removed so I could take it to the prosecutor and have the charges dropped but the prosecutor was booked until after my court date so I just paid it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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