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Okay, here is the deal.

I have a 01 Z71. It's not lifted or anything like that, nor will it be, but I do need new tires here pretty soon.

I don't really go off-roading or anything. Normally I just do as much off-roading as necessary to get to the fishing hole I am headed too at the time.

All this being said, one of the biggest things I hate is 4x4 trucks with tires that look like they are made for the road. Of course, I am still running with the Firestone Wilderness's that it came with. Nobody shoot me on that, I just couldn't convince the wife that I needed to replace new tires with new tires.

Here is my question though. I know that BFG AT's are great tires, and the Bridgestone duellers are good also. But I really like the look of the Nitto Terra Grappler. I have seen them on a few trucks and the tread design is awesome in my opinion. Has anyone heard any cons on this tire? All of you off-road gurus seem to know quite a bit so I thought you all could give me some opinions on this.

Thanks in advance.
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bfg a/t are a real nice tire.

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I'll put my vote in for Goodyear Wrangler AT's.

They are quiet, handle well in the rain and they just won't wear down! (waitin for some Trxus MT's). They have never let me down in the mud i've been in either as long as you keep them spinning. They have a pretty agrressive look to them as well

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Thanks for the posts guys. I do like the BFG AT and the Wrangler AT's but I was really wanting to know about the Terra Grappler. I don't guess that anyone knows to much about them.
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