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tire help..quick!!

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heres the lowdown. soon i have my 4/6 drop goin on with 17x10" boyds out back(8" up front), and gonna re-gear first(to 4.10's, with a m6 tranny). i currently have 295/50/15's(26.61") on the truck now.

i orginally wanted to go 275/40's(25.66" tire & 245/45's =25.68") and still protecting this 10" rim. he mentioned 285/40(25.98") Nitto 555R(not dr's...$180/tire). keep in mind my tires now...295/50/15's are 26.61" tall and going smaller with 4.10's isnt exactly good. i can still get the Kuhmo's up front in a 255/45(26"...$102) i really wondered if i should even keep anything near or go larger since i goin with a steeper gear, and 4.10's dont like a 25" tire(stock should be around 27-28" right? ). i found some Nitto NT-450's for cheap(good traction, treadwear, all season performance..same ratings as the 555r's) but they are a 275/50/17, 27.8" tire(seems a good middle ground to me?) could i go with these all the way around?

i emailed and put my order with tirerack on hold/cancel til i can call em in the morning, not tryin to spend more than 600 on 4 tires.... so some quick help would be appreciated!


ps. found some Nitto 450's 255/50/17's(27") and would consider those up front on the 8" rim. ive never shopped for tires(street tires at that before) and have never even looked at em for chevy's..i bought some for my ram a while back, but wasnt even 1" off from stock...but these 295/50/15's arent what came stock, so im lost as far as where i should be with 4.10's, 10" rim out back, a manual, and optimal tire height for chevys(27-28"?).

sorry so long...please help!!!
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thanks. i ordered the Nittos. :rolleyes:
I'm running the NT450 Nittos in the 255/50 and 275/50 combo. My wheels are 17 x 8 up front and 17 x 9.5 out back. The person I bought them from ran them with a 4/6 drop with no problems. I don't know about the exact height but my rear tires are the same height as the 275/60R15s that came off.


sounds like the same setup. how many miles you get outta these Nittos?
I got them in August and the rears were like new and the fronts were like 60%, I replaced the fronts about a month ago. I'll have to look at my records and check on the mileage i've put on them.
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