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Tire size on my truck?

  • 38

    Votes: 8 40.0%
  • 39.5

    Votes: 12 60.0%

Tire Poll

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As you all know from my last post, i'm trying to decide what tire to go with. Well i kept thinking 38's but alot of people have been tellin me 39.5's. I'm kind of torn so help me pick.
If i get 38s they will be PJ, STS, or Baja Claw Radials (if they are out)
If i get 39.5 they will be STS or Baja Belteds
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I saw stick with 38" pjs..... i only think baja belteds look good on really wide rims
He cant use the 15 inch rims, or i bet he would hehe.
00Silverado said:
39.5 STS :read:
werd :rocking: :rocking:
No question, 39.5's. 38's will look good if you remove the body lift though.
how bout you get these and it will make the tires look better and wider.
get the 39.5s and just tell people they're 40s. that big and you can round up :head:
16.5 rims are a :nono:
If they had that safety lip and there was no problem airing down i'd be all over those
I didn't vote...I was just trippin out looking at this thread cuz I don't remember this. It was 3 years ago so I guess it is understandable lol
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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