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Tire size for a bagged NBS

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All the bagged guys out there, I have a simple question. I'm currently in the works of bagging my truck as soon as I get back to the U.S. I'm getting rid of the 24s and going to a 22" wheel and tire combo. The wheels will be 9" wide with a +32 offset. My question is what is the best tire size to go with. I'm looking at the 265/35 and the 285/35. I know there i not much difference between the two, but was looking for the most tire and still be able to tuck. This is my daily and the roads in Hampton Roads are not the best. I also make long trips a few times a year. Look for the pros and cons from those who have used these sizes. I will be ordering these in the next few days, just looking for some feedback before I wipe my card. Thanks.

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my tahoe had 265/30s on it...they are pretty small compared to 265/35 but rode pretty good
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