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tire size question

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i have an unusual request... these arent for me though. i need a MICHELIN tire for a 20" rim that is the EXACT same size as the stock tire height wise.
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03Carbondogg said:
I'm running Eagle GTII P275/45R20 and they're the same size as my factories.
see my eagle GTII 275/45/20 were actually bigger then my stockers.... michelin makes a 275/45/20 or a 275/40/20....... not my taste, but it has to be a michelin.
02Silverado said:
What is the stock tire size?:read:
sorry, its a 255/75/16.... im pretty sure that we are looking for a 275/45/20 MICHELIN pilot or energy.... ive never looked for a michelin before... any suggestions?
02Silverado said:
The closes you can get to factory is 275/50/20. Stock diameter is 31.1" and that size is 30.8".
damn, that is a huge tire..
thanks for all the help guys! ill take some pics after everything gets mounted up!
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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