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Tire suggestions (bags)

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My truck is getting new Intro rims and being bagged next week and I need to decide on the brand of tires (thanks again to Bryan for the hookup on the rims/tires/bag shop!) (Toyo doesnt make my size I love those things)

My priorities are ride comfort, treadwear, handling. Sizes are 245/40/18 and 275/35/20

Here are my choices:
Falken ST 115 (Ive heard the tread wears superfast)
Nitto 555
Yokohama AVS Sport
BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW
Hankook K104 (quality?)

Id rather not go with Pirellis due to treadwear, and Michilens are too expensive.

Please let me know your suggestions (especially with a low profile tire use) regarding treadwear, comfort and handling

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I have Hankook K104's in 245/40/20 on my bagged truck. It doesn't have any problems going low up front and 245/40/18 will be a super small tire.

My hankooks seem to be wearing decently quick. Of course the treadwear is 280 and they are on a heavy vehicle so that is to be expected I guess. Overall I like the tires a lot though. Nice tread pattern plus they handle good and aren't bad in the rain either. They also seem to be pretty affordable (i priced out michelins too, and wow they were high :anitoof: )

Hope this helps out some...the hankooks are good and the only tire i realy have experience with in a lo-pro...the only thing i dislike is the treadwear.

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stay away from the falkens... i wore through em insanely fast, but that was with bad allignment... I just think they should have lasted longer. They wore pretty even though, after 7k miles they were showing the cords. I'm running BFGs all around now, and it rides alot better on them then it did with the falkens.

i'm running 295/45/20 and 245/40/20s... I think u should do pretty well with the 275/35/20 i think i'm gonna switch my tires to thoose soon. My tires rub when i go around corners. Its just too wide a tire.

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Looks like Hankooks are the general consensus here (cheapest too!) I think I will go with those or Nittos, not Falkens (this confirmed my thoughts that they had low treadlife). Bryan (Intro) is hooking me up with the tires for the rims being made. Im doing a 18/20 combo of the Twisted Classics. I wish Toyos were made in my size!!! :bawl: I have teh Proxes ST on my old rims, those are nice as hell. Especially compared to stock (they are Hankook, but the cheapest ones possible) Ive been driving stock again this past week, road noise/comfort/handling/traction/acceleration all are way different now. One good thing is I can peel out/squeel the tires whenever I want for a long time. With the Toyos, the only time I could if I wanted to was in water or a sharp turn, just goes to show you the quality.
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