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they tire store guy said that 245 40 20 is too small for a silverado...true..said it would blow out really easily
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Is your truck lowered?

I am running 245/40/20 on my tires and like them. They aren't going to work with pulling a trailer around or anything like that, but as long as you just use your truck as a cruiser i see no problem with them. They aren't in the load ratings of the factory tires, which is why he probably said they'd "blow out really easy" Probably if you were trying to do alot of towing or hauling with your truck. When i went to the tire store to get my stuff mounted and balanced i pointed to the 245/40/20 and the guy behind the counter kinda laughed at me, but he didn't laugh after he saw them on my truck and the fact that it was basically kissing the ground on them ;)
:word: you'll be fine on 245/40's. I've been running them for a few months now with zero problems
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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