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my truck has stock 26575r16 tires on it, i am going to a bigger size with 28575r16 which brand of tire would be the best off road tire with a good price?
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Dood I would go with some 28" Firestones if you want true offroad performance... :LOL: I actually think a set of BFG Mud terrians would look sharp on your truck... But they are kinda pricey... Swamper has a SSR in a 285 but they wont last as long...
Thats an idea...X-terrians with the buy 3 get 1 free deal...Not sure if its still going...I dont like the procomp at or mt..but thats just personal... But I loved my x-terrains for the 3 weeks I had them...LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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