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Well I dont really need new tires but things are happening and i might be going with some new ones. Here is what im thinking. Sell my MTR's and buy a set of 40 inch STS, then also buy a set of 37x13 boggers. Now this is a redic amount of money and means ill be rolling on one set for a while before i can afford the second set. I really like the idea of having two diff sets, and i could find used boggers and groove em. Any suggestions? Am i insane? :crazy:
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Haha yes you are insane, haha j/k and yeh you can use used boggers and groove them, if im not mistaken i think that is what willyswanter did
40 sts under 6" :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :hack: :hack:
Hmmm, i dunno i'd just get the boggers and be done with it :crazy: :head:
Why not just buy one set of TSL's and be done with it? Boggers suck at so many things but they are good in the mud... TSL's work on everything and are good on the street if you ask me. STS's are, well I'm not going to go there because alot of people here run them. Anyway, thats my thoughts. And yes, grooving does wonders.
um just curious why by 2 sets that a lot of green and willy has the right idea get some TSL's. Boggers wear way way to fast. :crazy:
yeah even tho i have these sts's i would glady trade them out for some tsl's anyday
yup your crazy dude :crazy:
About how many miles can you get out of a set of TSL radials on the road??
Err I dunno. I hae about 15k on my TSL's right now and after grooving the wear bars out I have 3/8" tread.
Yea STS are out...i just hate the way they look. right now its between 38x13 TSL's or 37x13 boggers. Ill prob end up with boggers seeing as how im not going in the rocks with IFS and i do mostly mud right now. I dont really care about on road ride. After i wear out the boggers ill prob go to TSL's unless I end up liking the boggers alot.
Have you got a body lift yet? Ford keys? if not you're gonna be doing a lot of trimming, and rubbing...
eisenfaust v6 is beeeeeeeeeast! :worship:
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