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ok so im gonna run a 22x10...what size tire and brand of tire would you guys go with?
1. BFG G Force T/A KDW 285/35-22
2. Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico 295/30-22 or 265/35-22
3. Continental 4x4 SportContact 295/30-22 or 265/35-22
4. suggest a diffrent tire...
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i run #1 and they look sick. i really like the thread pattern and the fact that they have a "rim protector" small lip of hard rubber that runs around dia of where the tire meets the rim(to help provent rim damage if you accisendty ever curb one). plus they have a lil more sidewall than the others you listed yet there still low profile and will/can work on bagged trucks

i have about 7k miles on mine and they only show very slight wear on the outside corners just becasue i love to carve up some curves and thats not too good on any tire

they stick real good too and do pretty damn good in the rain to provent hydroplaning but thats just about any performance tire.

also the pirelli is a nice tire from what i heard it has a higher wear rating than the BFG but thats not a gov.regulated rating so they can differ from manufactor to manufactor

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i've got the bfgs on my truck... and i love them. They ride really well. I used to have falkens up front and now i have BFGs, much better ride with the BFGs... I'm sure bryan will chime in with what he thinks is best. He has the Pirelli's though.

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BFG's all the way.... but they cost the most $$$

if ur gunna drop your truck at all... you might want to look into the Pirelli 265/35/22 since the 285 might be a little harder to tuck.
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