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TMAN's 72 k5 bondo bucket

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It's fucked, was a terrible decision, but I'm still gonna send it 😅

Barn pic


All the rust, everywhere





Floor is pretty solid surprisingly


Has obs seats 😑
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In for birdshot sheet metal pics

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So plans for this thing were originally to get it running and driving for the summer while I finish up the 67 and then tear into the body work this winter. It's so far gone tho that I'll probably start tearing it apart after the 67 is "done" so that I can figure out what I need to order for sheat metal and hopefully get it all in one shot and not have to pay multiple frieght charges. Hopefully going to pick up a box and some doors off a c10 this weekend, I'll try to use them to make my own patch panels and save a couple grand 😅 . I want to get the 350 tuned up and running first and run it like that for a while and eventually I'd like to put a 3.0 duramax and manual trans in it, we'll see. Right now I haven't been able to find a definite answer on engine management for a 3.0l dmax but I think a halltech would work or maybe a universal holley system.

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Friend of mine works at a body shop and they have a 68-72 bed someone tried to turn into a short bed and butchered, it's mine for a couple cases of beer and I have my patch panels for the quarters. Between that and what we have in the pasture I should be able to get by with just buying a floor pan and lower door skins new, and hopefully find a passenger fender somewhere
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