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To get Painted Sport Mirrors? or to Paint the stock ones with the chrome??

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I was wondering what you guys all thought looked better. I am getting my front bumper cover and facia painted to match, so I thought I'd do the mirrors at the same time.

I have the stock Mirrors with the Chrome Overlay/inserts and I was thinking of Sanding the plastic down and having the mirrors painted Pewter to match the truck (then put the Chrome pieces back on obviously after).

or Should I buy some Sport Mirrors instead and paint those to match??

what do you guys think I should do? I have stock power mirrors with nice visibility that don't look all that bad IMO, but would Sport mirrors look that much better than painted stock mirrors?
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I agree too, you won't lose much visibility at all. I love mine! The stock ones painted to match look good on a lifted truck but IMO the SS ones look better on a street truck.
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