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When I got my bike home the day I got it I kinda dug around on it and looked at the LED's since the battery died the first day. Upon looking at the wiring the first thing I noticed was a ground from the LED power switch to the battery made from speaker wire. I thought to myself no big deal one wire to replace. WRONG, A majority of the main power and ground wire was regular 14G speaker wire. So tonight I spent 2.5 hours taking out the LED system. The wiring on the main part of the fairings were DUCT taped on, the LEDs were superglued on, and there were 5 total different types of LEDs throughout the bike. So now I have this,

Sorry I didn't take before wiring pics since they were concealed pretty well. Now the only no factory wiring is to the rear turn signals (which will get removed when I get my new tail light in) and my batter tender harness. At least now I don't have to worry about a fire while riding. This is what the LEDs looked like when on.
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