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Took some more pics today

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that thing is awesome, good choice on wheels.
Thats a beauty.
Lookin tasty Bry. When do I get to drive it?
Wow looks pefect, i love that color on that bodystyle!
I hate you....

New Background for me, lovely truck :D
I love that bodystyle. Very nice truck
The truck came out looking good. I would have to agree that your truck is my dream vehicle.
That looks fuckin awesome.

Looks much better than when you got it.
Wanna sell it?
didn't plan on it
Just wondering, but how much would you want for it? (If you did decide to sell) I've been lookin for a C10 and that thing is soo nice.
truck is bad ass, love that lip on the rear wheel...whats under the hood?
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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