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tools for lift install?

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ok, what's the list of tools that i'll need to install my lift? i've got jack, jack stands, t-bar tool, air tools, grinder, pitman/tie rod/ball joint pullers, anything else? any weird sized sockets or anything?
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my fav investment- box of latex gloves! that way ur hands stay clean, because when u work with all that grease and stuff, your nails stay dirty for weeks. get some locktite, and a friend to help hold the heavy stuff up while u bolt it in.

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at autozone the have the loan-a-tool program
they have a ball joint tool, it basically i big c-clamp with some attachment to help you press out old joints and in new ones
your truck being a 99 you might get this to work, i couldnt get it to work on mine, too many bad winters have lead to alot of rust, and i have to have mine pressed out and in at a shop
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