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Torsion Bar Crank up

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I was just wondering about a torsion bar crank up. how good is it? ive heard stories about them and i would like to get ur guys opinion, my buddy has a 96 fullsize and he jsut added 3 inches by cranking up the torsion bars, now we are gonna do it to my blazer, and i was just wondering what you guys think, thanks!
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I would highly recomend NOT cranking 3". That will give you really steep CV angles. The steeper yoru suspension angles (CV, tie rod, everything down there) the faster you will wear them out. In CVs case they can bind, and break. Its kinda hard to see in this pic but I wouldnt crank any further than this.

Also the more you crank, the worse its going to ride. Keep in mind also, when you crank it, it will settle down some after a few days.
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