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Mickeys or Toyos

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Toyo M/T or Mickey Thompson MTZ's

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Which ones should I get, I want them to be semi quiet on the highway and get decent mileage out of them. I like both designs and everyone seems to like both of them. They are within 100 bucks for the size that I want so cost isnt a factor. This is my last tire thread, Im going with one of these.:shake:

If it makes any difference Im going with the 35x12.5R18 toyos or the 35x13.5R18 mickeys, even though the 35x12.5R18 toyos say they measure out to 13.2 wide.
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Ford or Chevy....Friends have both in same size etc...ride the same, last the same, sound the same...
I'm predicting that Toyo will win this one once again.
I loves my toyos
20 Votes for Toyo's!!
mickeys and save 150 bucks
i like the toyos, but the mickeys are more badass IMO
But I may be biased :endofshow
mickeys and save 150 bucks
They both are a great choice but I like mickey's just a little more due to the tread pattern.
I like the tread pattern of the mickeys too, Ill see how this thread goes over the next day or so before I make the final decision.
I would get the MTZs. Save $150 and it seems everybody has Toyo MTs these days... There is a reason for that but I would like to be a little different, espcially for less money.
get the yo yos
i say mickeys b/c the tread pattern looks aggressive and it will give your truck a meaner look to it


but i like toyos alot to everyone i know who has them loves them

but i like being different so thats why i say mickeys
I'm betting the mickeys will pull better in the mud if that has any bearing on your driving habits.
Mickey T's. I really like the way they look and they should look badass on your truck. You got a lift in mind or are you still thinking about keys and b/l?
I love my MTZ's, best big tire I have ever ran. Go with them, you will love them, especially if they are cheaper
1 - 20 of 74 Posts
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