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Trade 36 TSLs and 16x10 Helo Maxs for 20s

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Looking for possible trades for 20 inch tires or wheels or both. Also looking maybe to buy a CHEAP (condition doesnt matter as long as they arent bent) set of temporary 20s so I can buy tires now and run them and then get the Intros I want at a later date.

I have 16x10 Black powdercoated Helo Max wheels with SuperSwamper 36x12.50s on it.

I'm open to any ideas, so run them buy me if these wheels/tires sound right for you. Also have a 02 Hypertech Programmer I can throw in for a trade.

still has about 75% tread left on the tires and are balanced by myself (Goodyear certified alignment tech for 4 years) so anyone will be happy with these.
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wanna sell them
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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