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Trailer Break System

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An Omnitrac trailer break system came with my truck. First question, can a TBS come with a truck from the factory or dealer?

I ask this because I'm thinking of removing it. I doubt very seriously I will ever use my truck for towing. Can I remove the Omnitrac TBS? What are the Pros and Cons of doing that?

How many of you do not have a TBS? How many of you have it and have not used it?
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It should just be a box with a plug-in harness under the dash. If it is, then unplug it and your done.
Thanks. Then all I have to do is unscrew the TBS module and then I'm completely done, right? Or do I need to keep it in there?
If you are wanting to get rid of it I would pay the shipping for it.
If you are wanting to get rid of it I would pay the shipping for it.
Thought you were already set-up. BTW, what are you planning to tow around?

If you know you're not going to do any towing, you can just get rid of all of it without any problems.
I am going to be getting a nother truck to work out of soon. Thought I could put a TBS on it. I do lawn mnt. on the side so I am pulling a trailer at least 3 days a week. Just tought I would ask I will have to buy one when I get that truck.
Cool. First rule broken about trailers: Not getting a spare tire. I see SOOO many on the side of the road.
Yeah that sucks. I bought a rim and tire last year. I had been about 2 years with out one. I figured it was about time to invest. I have been lucky a few times.
I got cajunlowridas old unit that used to plug in....if I plug it in my truck will it work? What else do I need to do to have trailor brakes? Change the plug at the hitch or anything else?
Pulling a regular trailer, with electric brakes, you'll need the 7 pin connector. It controls all the electronics to the trailer. Not sure what unit you have, but with the GM brake contoller harness, you just plug it it and mount the unit where you won't hit it by mistake, but can hit it quick. then you adjust the brake strength through the unit.
arite, so it wont be plug and play. Owell...
It is if you have the 7-pin round connector on your hitch
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