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Join Bill Roecker and the Excel crew on an amazing adventure! On the way down and back from Guadalupe Island, Excel finds hot fishing in open water. No one aboard could remember seeing such large yellowfin tuna biting close to San Diego in June. The 30 to 50-pound tuna are mixed with some huge bonito to 20 pounds and paddy yellowtail. Bluefin and albacore are there, too. That's just for starters! At the island huge homeguard yellowtail over 40 pounds are biting jigs and the dropper loop on the weather side. You won't believe your eyes, when you see a 1,000-foot rockfall crashing into the ocean near the Excel's stern! Order at!

thats the trailer for their newest DVD, my brother does all of the video editing, camera work, calendars, and makes the DVD covers, and Bill Roecker is my Uncle.

and here is a five min clip from it as well.


and the video quality on the DVD's is really good, just youtube made it look pretty bad

if you like them, click on the link in my sig and help my brother out :endofshow
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