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Trailer Wiring Harness

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Alright guys, i need to know how to hook up the wiring harness for when i have to pull our trailer. I do not have the hitch that comes from the factory, so is it possible for me to hook up the generic harness or do i have to have the one that is the 8 prong or whatever, or can i use the regular one..thanks
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You can buy a 3+1 which is what trailers with no brakes will use that will plug in between your two tail lights. There should be a plug inbetween them that it will tap into. The other plug like you are talking about is a 7 plug trailer wire plug that operates trailers with brakes. I don't know if they make an adapter that will plug in like the other one but seems like they should. Check at somewhere like walmart. Thats where I got the last one I had to buy for I truck I used to have.

It should look similar to this:


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