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Transfer case went bad, I need advice

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Well, I thought my rear end went out on me but the shop told me it's actually my transfer case. They want 2100 for the part and 2 something for the install. Inflated prices considering I looked on gmpartsdirect and a new one from the dealer is $1950 but they sell it for $1450. Anyhow, I aint rich so I was planning on buying used. I found one with 83k miles for $500. (My truck has 180k miles btw). Is this a good deal, is there anything small I should get like seals or anything or should everything be good to go for them to just swap it? OR do you think this won't work or last long and I should buy new...
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83k for $500 seems like an average price...might be able to find something a little cheeper if you look harder. look on all the junkyards list their shit there, i got my 4l80e from there. also 83k that t-case should be in good could just get it, change the fluid, and throw it in. i would open it up and replace the clutches if its autotrack and gasket obv while its out of the truck if you plan on keeping it for a while...
don't know a darn thing about the insides of the t-case, wouldnt wanna mess it up. Most I have done was put my fuel pump in but that was ez cuz i had the instructions right there and it required no knowledge... I do plan on calling some more places tomorrorow morning for better pricing. Kinda pressed for time, wanna get back on the road quickly, i figure hopefully this used part will get me thru at least another 50k miles?
any clue what case it is? np241? 243? 246? they are all abundent and can be had for less than 500$ even.
Not sure but i have a 96 yukon 4x4 4L60E trans, electric shifter on dash... redneckdude, you mean at junkyards right? I just dont wanna pay cheap and get anything with alotta miles or something but i definitely am gonna shop around
well you shouldn't be paying 500$ for a used t-case either. i know pass drop 241s (the rare, desirable ones) can be had for under 200$, so you should be able to find a drivers drop case for 200$ or less honestly. i THINK you are gonna have a 243, 246s started a year or two later i do believe.
i looked on and everything cheap is more than 2 hours from me and/or has more than 150k miles which i didn't really want because i'm not overhauling it i'm just letting the shop swap it (cuz i dont know how to overhaul it and dont have trust any of my conects to do it, plus tryna get back on the road soon). I know if I go to a "u pick it u pull it" place i could get it for like $100 but they never have 96 and up tahoes or yukons in this are. dc/md/northern va everything is expensive out here...
Brandywine auto parts has a pick and pull yard near the intersection of Rt. 301 and Rt.5 in southern PG county. They have a lot of satellite shops as well. They may be able to help you. And yes DC/MD/NOVA is expensive as hell. Damn government workers drive the price of everything up.
You should have a 243. I'm sure u can find one at a local junk for cheap, or one of the many people doing a sfa conversion. You can put it in yourself as well, all it requires is basic hand tools and a strong right arm. Do not pay over $500 for a t-case. Check yards that are farther away and just ask shipping prices. Shouldn't be unbearable (sp) :imo
ok, first off you dont want to get the wrong a dealer with the last 8 of your vin number and get a p/n for it and make it look like your interested and ask them some questions then say you will come order one in a little bit...then just never call back. thats what i do, they seem to give into giving you more info if you tell them your commin to buy one.

also, swapping out a transfer case is SIMPLE. i took mine out of my 02 silverado last week(still out ha) which mine is pretty similar to yours if not the same one. all you need to do is jack up the front to make it easier(if you can buy those black plastic ramps at autozone). set your e-brake and block the wheels so it doesnt roll back. take the 4 bolts out of the back of your driveshaft and drop the rear of the shaft then pull it out from the t-case it just slides out. disconnect all the wiring(a few plugs) from the t-case. then put something under it like a jack and pump it up enough to lift the case a tiny bit. and take the bolts out that connects the trans to the t-case(i think theres 6 mabe 8) and drop it down...and it shouldnt take that long to do and its just simple hand tools!
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well i bought a t-case today for $500 with 64k miles from st marys auto parts(for you locals). I am having it delivered (they are only about 50 miles away so they deliver free) to the shop tomorrow that diagnosed the problem for me, i just don't have time to tow my truck back and then work on it cuz i work so I'm just gonna let them do it for 200. It sucks cuz I know I could do it, i did my own fuel pump but I just don't wanna have to wait till saturday and figure it all out... just gonna put it on my credit card and pay it off over a couple months. I just want my truck back soon.
you could probly do it yourself in 3-4 hours if that after work one day:imo...but its up to you and how you think is the best way to get it done
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