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Transmission Cooler?

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I'm interested in adding a transmission cooler to my truck since mine doesn't have one and it can only help it. Can any of you guys that added one let me know where you got yours and how do you go about installing it?
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I wouldn't recommend getting one from the dealer. That's the route I went, and the "one size fits all" tranny cooler they sell didn't. I called Chevy and they said that's how it is and you jsut have to make it work.

I ended up having to make a custom bracket just to mount it up. All the lines ran real nice though. I just don't think it was worth the hassle. :shrug:
Do these mount in front of the radiator if so do they come with brackets to mount it?
I have the B&M cooler.
B&M 70264 works well.
i have a stock gasser and a stock duramax one if you want.

i have a larger unit on mine, just can't remember the name.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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