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Transmission swap from 4l60 to 4l80

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I want to swap my tranny on my 4.8 2011 silverado I was just wondering if I need to get a specific year 4l80 tranny and what's a good price for one? My current 4l60 has 12k miles on it is it worth anything?

My plans are to start off with a tranny and eventually boost it sometime in the next year... What other mods would be good to do once tranny is upgraded?
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Good write up.

As for supporting mods, if you're going with boost what kind? Supercharged then get a pair of long tube headers. If it's a turbo kit like the one from Trick Performance then leave the exhaust until you're ready. Most nessisary upgrade is your rear end. Change the stock carier to a Detroit Truetrac. Since you would already be replacing the carier a regear is recomended. 1st gear in a a 4L80e is steeper at 2.48 vs 3.06 in the 4l60e. From the look of your Sig something like a set of 4.10s or 4.30s would make it launch hard.
Also do uou guys think I can sell my 4l60 for anything?
Here's what I would try. Call up a few transmission shops and explain your situation. See if you can work out a trade for a 4L80 with maybe cash involved. A lot of shops need 4L60s.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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