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Trenz 3rd brake light cover

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decided to roll the truck stock for a while so I'll let you guys get 1st dibbs on it before I put it up on any other sites since I like this one the best:
$55 shipped to anywhere

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2k1slvrdo said:
lmao. I;ve got 5 bucks :naughty:

does it leak? I had one of thoose on my truck when i bought it, and it leaked like crazy.
It did leak until I put some caulk around the base of it and that solved the problem. It formed a real nice seal with the caulk. Another thing to be careful with is not to have the bulb get pushed up next to the plastic backing or it will melt itself, that happened to me once also.

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atomoverride said:
doesnt that cover block the cargo lights?
yea it does, if you turn on the cargo light it glows red just like in the pic, you dont have to press the brake pedal to light it up.

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Badassilverado said:
I was wondering how you took the pics of it lit up, I'm going to start leaving mine on...creep around town with it on. :mexsmoke: :anitoof:
bling bling :mexsmoke:

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way2hi said:
so why'd ya take the rims and brake light off?
the rims are on my dad's truck now he also has a GMC.

I'm going to be getting rid of the truck in 6-7 months. Going with something bigger. I got the single cab because I wanted to get back into the racing scene, but I've lost desire and patience for it. Probably get me an '04 ext cab stepside Z71 GMC. I miss my '02 Z71

BTW, brake light cover has been sold.
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