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Todays Progress:

New shaved 14 bolt in...

Rear shot showing new axle in place and all the unnecessary crap removed:

Whats left of the bed, hauling to dump in a bit...

As for the steering box, why yes I did...


Axle stripped of steering stuff:

Ram mount tube welded on, has since been made removable:

Ram Mount Done:

Lower pump bracket fab'd and installed:

Upper pump bracket fab'd and pump installed:

Idler pulley and belt installed:

Ram mount mounts mounted :D

Ram mounted to ram mount:

Ram mount mounted to ram mount mounts:

Itty bitty tie rods mounted up:

-KRC Racing 3.7GPM 1500 PSI Pump
-2.25 Bore x 1.5" Shaft x 10" Travel Ram
-Aeroquip Hoses
1 - 20 of 394 Posts
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