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Truck is finished!!

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I just got home from the shop about 30 minutes ago. All I can say is WOW!! It turned out better than I was expecting! Here are some pics.

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Very nice! Just as I was asking where the pics are in your older thread you make this one. Coincidence!
Ha ha, yea! I am very happy with the way it turned out. Now I need to get a new sig and avatar made!
holy shit!!! nice man. looks great!!!
Hell Yeah!!

Wonder if the T-bars are cranked?
nice specs PLZ
looks awesome man

Superlift F.I.T. with 35x12.50x18 Toyo MTs on 18x9 chrome Helo Maxx wheels
Superlift F.I.T. 6 inch suspension lift, 35x12.50x18 Toyo Open Country M/T, 18x9 Helo Maxx 6
Thanks for the compliments!
Hell Yeah!!

Wonder if the T-bars are cranked?
They are cranked to level, I don't believe they are maxed out though.
Damn that looks good. Not crazy about those wheels, but I love the stance.
perfect stance, perfect truck.
hell yeah looks sweet! i love blue
hmm, sell stock rims? :D
Already sold to a friend of mine.
dayum i remember lookin at your sig wonderin how it would look....fucking sikkK!!! 35's and 18's are a good combo and im def gettin those toyos for my next set, let us know how they wear. Once again, looks great man.
Looks good. Nice color scheme
1 - 20 of 75 Posts
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