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Truck Pics - Images this time

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My last post was picture links.
I really enjoy the site. Bear with me until I learn how everything works.

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Thanks T.J. I'm a ******* as well. Transplanted to Texas from Grand Chenier, LA.
you are off to a great start....lower it and it would be sweet
Future plans? I've ordered Bilsteins to help the ride a bit. I plan to get Katzkin interior at some point as well as headers to go with the cat-back. I hadn't considered lowering it, since I still plan to haul stuff and tow at boat. How much drop could I live with and not loose too much functionality?
Very clean man. I've been keeping my eyes open for a set of those Denali wheels for quite some time. Where did you come across them?
The wheels are GM PartsDirect 7 Spoke Wide. I bought it off the lot that way. The website says they are discountinued and in limited supply.
Truck looks good, i see your in Tomball, i live in Magnolia but im in tomball more, so ill prolly see you around sometime. You could do a 2/4 drop and if your using it to haul stuff put some helper bags on the rear that way you wont have to worry about large bumps when your towing.
:word: A 2/4 is fine to tow with especially if you get helper bags...if you don't wanna go that low a 1/3 would be cheap and easy...just some 2" shackles in the back would make a huge difference:imo

Nice ride:welcome:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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