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Trucks running like a bag of S#@% need some advice

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I have a 96 GM 1500 with the 350. The problem is periodically I loose power to just the stereo and only for a moment, and sometimes I loose power to the whole truck it will just quit for a split second and then fire back up again and it doesn't matter if I am doing 100 km/h or 10km/h or if my foot is to the rug or not. but every time the power always comes back it has never left me stranded the only thing i noticed is if i am at a stop when it happens it is a little hard to start after and it will sputter a bit and quit again unless I have my foot on the throttle. I have checked all the major power wires for shorts but can't find any so any suggestions you all have would be great.
PS I am no good at electrical so please explain things like I am a 2 yr old lol.
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lol I am such a tool I checked all the wires but not the connections so for grand conclusion it was the positive battery connection thanks for the help guys
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