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On my 2000 chevy all I have is powered mirrors. There is a guy I have been talking to who has paintable chevy mirrors that have the turn signal in them, powered, and are heated. Would all these functions work on my truck or what would I have to do? All I want is paintable mirrors but found these so just was curious.

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On my 2000 chevy all I have is powered mirrors. There is a guy I have been talking to who has paintable chevy mirrors that have the turn signal in them, powered, and are heated. Would all these functions work on my truck or what would I have to do? All I want is paintable mirrors but found these so just was curious.
Good question and probably a fairly common upgrade. I'd like to do the same ('02 2500 w/ power mirrors). So although I dont have the slightest idea regarding if/how it can be done, here's a bump hoping that it will get some attention and responses.

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Here's where to wire the signals

This mod will enable Chevy/GMC trucks owners from 1999- 2006 to have the power fold mirror option with a $4.00 switch and without using a relay.

Below are the parts and part numbers you will need to do this mod. Of course, you don’t have to purchase the mirrors from GM. I purchased my mirrors brand new from Ebay for half the retail cost. They are the heated/signal/auto dim/power fold w/ the puddle light model.

What you will need

• Power fold Mirror ( Drivers Side) #15124827 $266.50
• Power fold Mirror ( Pass Side) # 15124828 $265.94
• Momentary Switch ( Radio Shack) # 275-209 $3.99
• 3M Slide Connects Female 18-14 gauge $1.99
• 14 Gauge Wire ( Red) for the power lead $4.99
• 18 Gauge Wire ( Red) for the mirror Wiring $4.99
• 18 Gauge Wire ( Black) for the mirror Wiring/ Ground Wire
• Wire taps $1.99
• In line fuse holder $1.99
• 10 Amp Fuse
• Ring connector
• Soldering Iron
• Solder Rosin core
• Heat Shrink
• Drill

1. I find it easier to run multiple wires that are twisted together with a drill instead of several wires that need to be twist tied or taped. (You will need to decide where your switch location will be)I mounted mine on the left side of my steering wheel. First, measure your red and black 18 gauge wires so the lengths are sufficient enough to run from your switch location to both of your doors. After you’ve measured and cut the lengths, put one of each wires end into the drill’s chuck starting the drill until the wires are twisted. It should look like the picture below.

2. Now run your wires neatly underside the dash and out of site. First I removed my lower panel below my steering wheel and ran my wires along the underside of the dash down my kick panels and through the rubber connectors on the doors.

3. Next remove the driver’s side door panels. Locate the Grey and Brown wires on mirrors black connector. After locating the wires, cut them. See pic below.(Trucks from 03-06, don’t tap the wires because the switch is controlled by the BCM and the mod might not work). Now connect the Grey and Brown wires from the mirror side you cut to the wires that you ran through the door. Solder the black wire to the Grey wire and the Brown wire to the Red wire. Now finish up with shrink wrap.

4. Remove the passenger door panel. Wire the mirrors the same way you wired the driver’s side. Be aware, the Brown and the Grey wires are located on the blue connector on the passenger’s side mirror’s hardness.

5. You will need to solder your wires to the female slide connectors and placed them on the appropriate terminals on your switch. (See Diagram Below).

Pin #1= Jump to #6
Pin #2= Jump to #5
Pin #3= Grey wires from Mirrors
Pin #4= Brown wires from Mirrors
Pin #5= Red wire (14 Gauge) constant + w/ inline fuse
Pin #6= Ground to chassis

Note: Tap the Grey and Brown wires that are on Pin #3 and pin #4, resulting in both wires from each mirrors connected to pin 3 and pin 4.

6. Find a constant power source either from the fuse panel or from the battery. After running your wire, solder the inline fuse holder in place. Now solder your power wire to a female slide connector and slide it on pin #5. (Do Not Put The Fuse in Yet)

7. Find a good ground location under the dash. Using a ring connector, attached the wire to a screw or bolt that’s screwed to the chassis. Solder the other end of the ground wire to a female slide connectors and slide it on pin# 6

8. Jump pin#1 to pin # 6 and pin #2 to pin #5 like the above diagram. This reverses the motors polarity and makes them reverse directions when you toggle your switch.

9. Now you can put your fuse in and Viola, you have power fold mirrors. If you’ve done everything right, toggle the switch, up will fold your mirrors and down will retract. If nothing happens, check your fuse and all your connections.

NOTE: You will have to hold down the switch while the mirrors fold and retract.

Also, another option is the switch that’s in the Escalade.

With this switch, there is no need to hold down the button. Press the button once to fold or retract. The part number is: # 15062588.

Wiring Diagram for the Escalade switch


I also went a step further and wired my mirrors to my alarm (Viper 791XV) Now I just press a button on my alarm to fold and another to retract.

I hope this write up was helpful to those who have been looking to do this mod but wasn’t able to due to lack of information. Out of all my mods, the power fold feature is my favorite.

Finished - Clean and best of all OEM.


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Wow that is intense. I just want painted smooth mirrors haha Think I will have to pass lol

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I did it. Hang on.

I have a 2001 duramax ccsb that had the regular silverado mirrors on it and wanted some tow mirrors. i went out on craigslist and bought the accordion style mirror. my truck had power directions and heat however the new ones i put on and now need to wire up have power direction heat and a turn signal as well as the power extending out/in. i have already tapped into my turn signals and ran that wire to each door however now i need to get the power there as well as the direction working the issue i have is the connectors are different plugs-now im lost and dont know what to do. any help for me??
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