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type-r and sub questions

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i have a 2000 ecsb with a box under the rear seat that has two 12" jlwiv2's. I blew them and i am thinking about upgrading to two alpine type-r's, how do these sound and how would they sound in this box, i am undecided on an amp as of right now any suggestions would be welcome, but keep in mind i am working with a pretty tight budget. Also if anyone knows of any other good sounding cheap subs that get loud i would appreciate it. Thanks guys
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I loved my type r's.

I had 3 12"s in my s10. I miss that fucking truck so much.. :(
I doubt Type-Rs will fit in a box that wasn't made for them under that seat. I would check depth first.

Maybe check out the Memphis MC line. Slightly smaller (I think), and keep the same quality/bump.
your going to have to lift the seat and get a custom box for the type rs to fit
yeah thats what i was afraid of, does anyone have any other sub suggestions
And how do you lift the seat?
i was able to fit 2 10w6's under my seat w/ out lifting it
If you're on a tight budget forget it. Type r's need a big amp to power them.
any other suggestions, its not that tight of a bidget i would just rather not blow all of my money on this ive got other plans too.
what about the infinity subs
does anybody know much about these? Ive heard their component set and I was pretty impressed for the price.
what about the infinity subs

infinity subs hit pretty damn hard for what they are.
i have 2 10's underneath my ext cab.
diffidently a good beginner sub.
along with what everybody else said, there is no way we could tell you how the subs will they will sound in that box. plain and simple, cheap....and loud don't belong in the same sentence.
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