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Hey guys, this week I SHOULD be removing my axle to drop it off at 4wp to get regeared, Im just gonna cut the old U-bolts off since I am lazy and dont feel like crankin on em. :read:

Since I'm gonna be replacing them I might as well install the U-bolt flip kit, anyone know the cheapest place to get em? Im tryin to do this along with my new job so fabrication is outta the question. Thanks for yalls help!

Oh yea I'll be replacing the 5.5" blocks for 4"s so I can crank my tbars down a little and save my spleen and cv's, so if anyone needs some 5.5" blocks lemme know, just pay the shipping..... :shake:
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Why not just unbolt the ubolts? With a breaker bar, some panther piss and the right size socket they'd come off no problem... Heck with buying all that if you didn't already have it you'd probably save the price of new bolts...
sorry I shoulda mentioned this last time, but I have already cranked on these ubolts before when I added the AAL and it was a bitch, oil and a big ass cheater bar, it was still a royal bitch, I will have no more of that....oh yea didnt I mention I am lazy??? Theyre not that expensive, so I might as well save my knuckles.....I just want to find the best deal, thank ya
Not a good idea to re-use u-bolts anyways. Cut them off or do what you want cause you shouldnt run them again. I hate cranking on older u-bolts, but my 04 was a cinch.

Anyways if you are near a big city or live in the city you should have a spring shop in town somewhere. I have a guy that bends 5/8's threaded bar to whatever length you need. He does spring and suspension work so he has everything and the heavy duty stuff unlike what you can get at autozone. But if you must autozone or the parts store should have some that will work...
if no one has claimed the blocks i'll take them. my zip is 45833 let me now what it will cost.
yeah you shouldnt really re use u bolts unless you run a die over the threads. You should have told me earlier you wanted to regear I would have hooked you up.

That being said, I have the ORD u-bolt flip kit spring plates if you want them, I obviously don't need them anymore. And like was said, any local spring shop can make u-bolts to your specs. The one I use is $40 per set of 4.
Jason, what would it take to get those plates from you? Lemme know I'll get em off your hands!

Stephen, thanks man, just dont have the time to be driving around the state right now

Chris, theyre on my truck right now, as soon as the axle comes off I'll drop em in the mail, and dont let me forget, I do that alot.....
I paid like $40 for the kit including u-bolts, how about $20 for the plates?
Chris, I'll get a price for shipping in the next week or so if thats cool...

Jason, sorry boss, I left for the weekend and wasnt able to talk, kinda late now so im gonna have to pass on them plates for now, im just gonna run some regular ubolts so i can get on the road again...
all right i don't need them till the end of the month.
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